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On-Camera & Voice Actor

"Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances."  Stanford Meisner

About Brenda

Brenda‘s passion for life permeates all of her work from stage acting and directing to film, VO acting, and audiobooks. Brenda feels most like herself when she is bringing truth to imaginary characters. She brings raw instinct and playfulness to her work while drawing on over 20 years of experience.

She currently trains with some of Portland’s most talented coaches and has appeared in numerous local films. Brenda is coachable and plays well with others. When not on stage or in front of a camera she spends time working in her sound booth recording voiceovers and audiobooks. Brenda has a keen ear for dialects and loves voicing a myriad of characters. 


Brenda is a mother to 6 children and 11 grandkids and after 15 years of teaching in public school, she enjoys spending her free time at home with her kids and grandchildren.

Acting Reel


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Film Portfolio

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We Nation

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Voice Over Demo 

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